• After Romulus – Raimond Gaita

    This is an extract from Gaita’s book After Romulus, a collection of essays that follow his book, and the movie adaptation of Romulus, My Father. The books follow his experiences as a European that migrated to Australia in the WWII/post-war era of the 1950s. In this excerpt Gaita talks about his childhood experience of his mother’s […]

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  • The Overrepresentation of Indigenous Young People in Incarceration

    As discussed in the recent Fairfax article, “Call for mandatory sentencing laws to be scrapped to reduce indigenous incarceration rates” (published online 08/04/16), the Nation’s peak body for barristers, the Australian Bar Association, is calling the over-representation of Indigenous people in our prisons and juvenile detention centers a “national disgrace”. The Association are calling to […]

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