• Problem solving with a new lens

    As the respected book designer Chip Kidd stated, “The best solution can usually be found in the best definition of the problem itself”. In a world full of books, how do you innovate to appeal to a new audience? You reframe the challenge through a new lens For over a year, we have been forward […]

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  • Manga’s Story

    Abuse at the hands of people working in care has been rife throughout history, and ironically and sadly, there are so many accounts of abuse that we often forget the individuals who have suffered at the hands of it. As many accounts of child abuse find their way out into the public during the proceeds […]

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  • Reform and innovation in the out of home care sector – what are your thoughts?

    I have noticed over the past few months that there are great efforts being made across Australia to better track the outcomes for infants, children and young people who find themselves in care because of cumulative harm or abuse. Both government and Non-government organisations appear to be making real efforts to shift from simply putting […]

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